we are...

Financial professionals and entrepreneurs innovating the way social enterprises manage their businesses.

Driven by the desire to support social entrepreneurs to meet their impact goals while ensuring financial sustainability.

our mission

Our mission is to empower social entrepreneurs to achieve even higher impact through implementing effective financial and business control practices.

As financial and business controllers we look critically into the past and future of enterprises’ finances and impact. It allows us to make strategic recommendations for their sustainable growth.


Combining environmental and social goals with an entrepreneurial spirit requires systems thinking. Yet, most financial and business control processes in social enterprises continue to be addressed with traditional models.

Our wealth of experience running enterprises that have a positive impact on our society and the planet thought us how to make sense of business and social challenges in an interconnected way instead of looking at them as separate silos. Now we bring out these systems thinking into the financial and business analysis for social enterprises to grow sustainably!

We are committed to carry your vision all way to your desired goal.

our values


We provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to know to make better decisions and advise them along the way.  Lean and clean!


We keep a straightforward communication to make sure they are timely updated with relevant information about their finances and impact analysis.


Our working model is oriented toward removing obstacles and adapting our services to each entrepreneurs’ need.  Easy and agile.


We like to do things smart. That is why we use FinTech and invest in developing tools that make administration processes run smoother.

Rianne Verrijp - CEO

Rianne is a creative, people person, self-learner, high performing entrepreneur. Over 20 years of experience working with accounting and administrative companies. From the beginning of her first company, Administratiekantoor NZR in 2008, Rianne has been successfully raising her family, managing 3 businesses while building and growing along with her clients over the years.

SOHO was created inspired in a business challenge that Rianne kept seen in big corporations, lack of empowerment of local communities. Her vision is to work with social enterprises promoting their skills and impact while personally caring for their financials decisions.

Rianne manages and supports 130+ small to medium companies in Rotterdam. Her friendly and welcoming personality wants to continue developing enterprises through her passion for people and work experience.



Strevelsweg 682-686 3083 AR, Rotterdam

Financiële Administratie in Rotterdam

Financiële Administratie in Rotterdam

Financiële Administratie in Rotterdam

Financiële Administratie in Rotterdam